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Dreams can come true


Francois Creek Farm is owned by Larry and Roni Bowman. Larry and Roni moved to the land that eventually became the farm in 2000. The land has been in Roni's family for over 100 years. The farm is actually on the land that at one time had Roni's grandfather's barn and garden. Roni spent many hours as a child playing in the barn with her cousins. After a stint in the Air Force Roni came back to Arkansas where she met and married Larry. In 2000 after graduating with a Masters in Social Work Roni and Larry moved to the farm.  Having grown up at the farm Roni began to dream of starting a farm but with a different flair. Roni had always dreamed of having chickens as a child however other than the little colored chickens that were available at Easter that was not a dream fulfilled. So Roni began to talk about having chickens and goats with Larry. Larry was not opposed so starting out in 2012 with 5 chicks and a dream to own goats has grown from 5 chicks to 45 chickens, 20 ducks, and 20 goats.  They sell the eggs and make goat milk soap from the milk they get from their goats.  Their dream continues to develop as they have added a new shop and are working to build a milk barn to be able to sell the milk and make cheese. 

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